September drew carey and october greg proops two of my favourite comedians in under two months

Someone should be really lovely and write a fic about greg and drew. I would but i cant write for shit


If you grew up watching these men, your doing it right.


Why? Because I felt like it.

i must add

sent greg a happy birthday and i got a nice present back!!!


so just came back from whose live!!!!! omg you guys don’t even know best night ever so we obviously met the guys after and got all their autographs! I hugged greg twice so like we basically in love. They are all really nice and just regular guys.

ALSO !!!!!!! who is juarhela on twitter cause jeff was telling some girl “we did a show once and these two girls were both juarhela on twitter but didn’t even know eachother how weird is that” just thought I’d inform you he remembers you